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Keynesian Blather

Political bloggers were not kind to Chairman Yellen’s keynote speech at Jackson Hole. David Stockman called it “Keynesian blather.” Someone else called it an insult to America’s intelligence. 528 more words


Economists Criticizing Economics

Unlearning Economics has put together a collection of brief quotations of famous economists attacking their own subject matter. I’m only going to share a few of them, but I thought I’d take this opportunity to address two of the most common responses I get when I offer up critiques of neoclassical economic theory. 354 more words


100 year old excuses for unemployment

Perhaps I shouldn’t be, but I’m always surprised to find out that exactly the same arguments being made today about an issue have also been made in the long distant past. 455 more words


Mark de Zabaleta: la Macroeconomía empieza con Keynes...

La verdadera Macroeconomía nace con la “Teoría General del empleo, el interés y el dinero” de John Maynard Keynes en 1936, y se puso en cuestión en los años 80, cuando el modelo de Agregados keynesiano que desarrolló Hicks (el modelo IS-LM) no pudo explicar el problema de la estanflación (inflación y paro simultáneos). 463 more words

The Trouble with IS-LM (and its Successors)

Lately, I have been reading a paper by Roger Backhouse and David Laidler, “What Was Lost with IS-LM” (an earlier version is available here) which was part of a very interesting… 1,140 more words


Explanation of the Financial Crisis.

There are some rather radical opinions offered by David Harvey in this video, but his explanation of the recent financial crisis is both comprehensive and simple to understand. 8 more words

Does Technology eliminate jobs?

Harvard Business Review had a post, “

Experts Have No Idea If Robots Will Steal Your Job”

and I decided to comment.

But generalizing, Does Technology put people out of work? 785 more words