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Africa I: Planning Logistics + Budgets + Immunizations + Clothing/Gear + Getting There

Africa I: Planning Logistics + Budgets + Immunizations + Clothing/Gear + Getting There
I’m very excited to share with you all the details of my Africa (Kenya/Tanzania) trip, and hopefully it helps you plan your own trip, encourages you to visit these places, or at the very least teaches you about another culture in another part of the world. 3,076 more words


Lessons from Pachamama

This summer has been a very full summer. On top of working it has included traveling, running, spending time with my friends and family. The trips have ranged from weekend trips within Minnesota, other states and even to other countries. 346 more words


Kenya Constitution: How We Got Here (Part 2) – The 15% For Devolved Funds

Opposition’s “Okoa Kenya” and the Council of Governors’ “Pesa Mashinani” have both identified the money allocated to the Counties as one of the issues that should be addressed through a referendum to amend the Constitution. 1,878 more words


Kenya, here we go!

Här står jag och försöker se normal ut framför Linköpings city Airport! Går sådär… :)

Michelle har skjutsat oss hit från campus och sista seminariet innan avgång är avklarat! 54 more words


Kenya Constitution: How We Got Here (Part 1) - The Naivasha Power Grab

On Friday, January 8, 2010, the Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution received the Reviewed Harmonized Draft Constitution from the Committee of Experts which it deliberated on during its Retreat at the Great Rift Valley Lodge in Naivasha from 18-28 January 2010. 880 more words



The slide show below presents the visualization of a proposed residential unit in Niarobi , Kenya. 22 more words


Somalia sues Kenya at top UN court over maritime border

The Hague – Somalia took its maritime border dispute with Kenya to the United Nations’ top court on Thursday, which could decide the fate of potentially lucrative oil and gas reserves off east Africa. 297 more words

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