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Korean dramas… because sleep is for the weak.


Trot Lovers Review


Trot Lovers is a 16 episode 2014 Korean drama about a trot singer in a world that prefers pop. Ironically her manager is a disgraced pop star that does not like trot. 1,466 more words

Korean Drama

3 KDramas you should be watching right now!

We all know I’m a #KDrama fanatic. Thus, it is only fitting that I start my blogging phase highlighting a couple of dramas I believe you should start watching today. 685 more words

Life As A 20-something Engineer/dudette

Upcoming KDramas September 2014 Pt 2

Iron Man:

Ouch o_O

A drama about a man (Lee Dong Wook) whose mind is full of hurt. And when the pain overwhelms him, blades will spike  all over his body. 221 more words


Fated To Love You: T-2 to Finale

Sigh… I just can’t stop smiling :D

JH is such a cheeky guy :D The way he controls that Roomba is how Geonnie would’ve sneaked on MY!

56 more words

Fated to Love You: Lee Goon and Mi Young’s Love Story (Part 2)

Marriage is a journey between two hearts. We share love, sadness, happiness, faith and respect. 1,354 more words


List of kdramas I have watched

I was going through Dramabeans list of ratings and I realised I’ve seen some dramas that I have totally forgotten about. That will not do. Below is the incomplete list of kdramas I’ve seen. 206 more words