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Ethics - Kantian Ethics

A deontological ethic – focusses on the actions rather than consequences

A priori reasoning used – deduced by logic and reason alone

• Immanuel Kant was born in Prussia and was a professor of Logic and Metaphysics. 2,347 more words

Day three of the Frankfurt Conference: Idealism and Pragmatism workshop

Daniel Herbert reports on the papers presented at the third day of the Frankfurt conference, ‘Bridging Traditions: Idealism and Pragmatism’. These papers constituted the second workshop in the Idealism and Pragmatism Network’s workshop series, the third of which will will be held in Paris. 599 more words


Trolley Problems, Utilitarian Logic, Liberty, Self-Defense & Property

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From Darwinian Conservatism-‘Trolleyology & Rawlsian Moral Grammar

‘For a Kantian utilitarian like Singer, the relevant moral principle in the trolley problem–that five deaths are worse than one death–is the same in both cases, and therefore Singer would pull the switch and push the fat man.

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Public Debate

What Is Success?

When a book or movie becomes a media sensation, I stay away.  However, years later I might finally pick it up.  Such is the case with the “Tiger Mom” book.  1,008 more words


Episode # 11 Available as a Download

To hear my fascinating interview of writer and musician John Hardin, discussing the metaphysics of ecology, click below to stream or download:

part 1 Episode # 11 of The Living Earth Connection… 8 more words