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Carl Jung: The Unconscious & The Function of Religion

Sea of Faith was a six-part documentary television series, produced by the BBC and first screened in 1984.  Presented by English philosopher and theologian Don Cupitt, the series explored the interface between the history of Christianity and critical thought through the lens of scientific advances, political atheism and societal secularisation. 383 more words


What is “BetterEndingsNow!” to Me?, by Dr. Joshua Bertetta

{Dear Readers: Here is a treat (for me especially!). Joshua Bertetta of the intriguing blog The Story of the Four  has taken time to reflect on BetterEndings Now which he has been graciously following. 940 more words

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Ghosts in Mirrors

I just read Ghosts in Mirrors: Reflections of the Self, by Elizabeth Tucker (available on JSTOR). It is essentially a modified Jungian analysis of college students’ reports of apparitions in reflections, concluding that these events are a way of dealing with transitions and internal conflict about gender, sexuality and death. 333 more words


It's time to Start This Mediterranean Journey Anew ...

Years ago there was a commercial on TV for a cold remedy. It featured a bedraggled woman shuffling along a sidewalk looking absolutely miserable and to add to her discomfort, this big black rain cloud was pouring forth right over her little head — or at least that’s how it plays out in my memory so, who knows what it really was. 757 more words



I’m logical as hell. Robotic human being. All my troubles were partially born because I believed that people meant what they said. What a silly girl.  337 more words