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It's time to Start This Mediterranean Journey Anew ...

Years ago there was a commercial on TV for a cold remedy. It featured a bedraggled woman shuffling along a sidewalk looking absolutely miserable and to add to her discomfort, this big black rain cloud was pouring forth right over her little head — or at least that’s how it plays out in my memory so, who knows what it really was. 757 more words



I’m logical as hell. Robotic human being. All my troubles were partially born because I believed that people meant what they said. What a silly girl.  337 more words

beautiful destruction

Does this dream foretell disaster?

In the dream…

A meteor bursts apart in the night sky…

Glowing red pieces trail streams of white light as they shower down through the darkness… 141 more words


Building Jung (정) with My Co-workers and My Third Day of Classes

What is Jung (정)?

So there’s this awesome word in Korean

called Jung (정). There’s no word for it in English, but basically it is the bond or close relationship we have or form with other people. 1,425 more words

Korean Culture

Beckett, Proust and the Butterfly-borne Archetype

I knew as soon as I picked Beckett up and leafed, discovering his essence for the first time, ten minutes ago, in this bookshop, that this was it. 368 more words