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Daily Draw 08-29-2014

Daily Draw 08-29-2014

Tarot: Judgment

Renewal, calling/call, purpose, fulfillment, revitalization. Might encounter a sense of renewed energy and purpose today, something that rekindles a spark or hope in a matter. 197 more words


August 29 - Judgment - Not Condemnation

John 8:1-20; 2 Chronicles 1:1-2:16; Zechariah 14

It’s a story everyone knows. A woman caught in adultery is brought before Jesus and by the time Jesus is finished, all the accusers slink away and the woman goes away unjudged and redeemed. 401 more words

Devotional Thoughts

how she grows

In the car at night and I can’t see her face, just the blur of headlights and the jostle of cars weaving in and out of lanes, just the green-lit signs labeling exits.   1,950 more words


More power than will

“We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things are impossible.” – Francois VI, Duc De la Rochefoucauld… 368 more words

Forgiving Friday: A Testimony Of A Rape Victim

From time to time, we experience bad things wherein we express negative reaction as our initial response. After we have expressed our “natural” response, we tend to dwell on it because it is “understandable” why we’re feeling bad over an unfavorable circumstance. 309 more words


What to do when people make you feel inadequate

Work environments are sometimes the hardest places to be a human. As a human we are imperfect and still growing and we do make the occasional mistake. 301 more words


When God Becomes Your Enemy

Growing up was difficult for me. I was a small kid, the smallest in our class, the youngest too. So I looked up to my brother for protection. 762 more words