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Joyce Cabernet Sauvignon Pedregal, 2011

A platonic 100% blackberry nose. Otherwise very green and smokey, leather, and likewise young character to its merlot counterpart. Link to winemaker. Effective 6/10.


Joyce Merlot Pedregal, 2011

Strong California green pepper, aromatic, mint liqueur. Very raw. Link to winemaker. Effective 6/10.


Joyce Syrah Mesa Del Sol, 2010

Could not find this on their web site. Huge blackberry flavor, currant, sugar, bread, and yeast. Very young character still. Effective 5/10.


Joyce Pinot Noir Tondre, 2011

Very deep fruit for a pinot noir, tart blueberry, black cherry, cherry tomato, and virtually no spice or barrel. Straight fruit play. Link to winemaker. Effective 5/10.


Malawi’s president applauds musicians commendable role in the country’s politics

President Joyce Banda on Tuesday hailed the great role which music plays in promoting peace and political stability in the country. Addressing a rally in Makwasa in Thyolo, on her way to Malamulo Mission Hospital, where she cheered the sick, JB said politics of castigating each other is bad to society.  366 more words