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Everyday's mantra

“To be humble and soft spoken… To walk lightly on this Earth by practicing simplicity and love for nature.”

“To know that my true life is not what I thought it was. 28 more words

Farun Stories: Race to Street One (Part One)

This takes place immediately after Deathwish Children, and covers the three royal princes journeying to the deepest pit of poverty and depravity in the city. 519 more words


Inspired to travel: The words that help me towards new wanderings

There is this mundane everyday routine in the life of a twenty-something Young Professional (YP) that I sometimes have to live by.  Even on Saturdays.  I don’t have a problem with my career path, but sometimes it gets tiresome.  722 more words


Glucose Test = Crazy Baby!

I had a check in today with my OB.  I got the red glucose drink.  I took the first two sips and thought, “What the hell is everyone’s problem?   344 more words

Happiness For a Lifetime?


Indeed, it is strange how much every single of us tries to be happy in his life, yet very often happiness seems to be elusive. We all use the word “happiness” easily, but what is also easily understood is that each of us doesn’t mean the same thing. 502 more words


There’s something really incredible about completing a post. Have you ever thought about it? You’re positing your thoughts for the world to see, for the world to experience. 487 more words

From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 45

In a said relative state with a semblance of reality we sit and stand and look about for the coming of something and nothing. Yet even the same and the other, do we wait upon, and wait even still, and wait even later, we shall. 150 more words