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Pokemon X/Y Nuzlocke: Day 5 - A New Goal

Coming off a huge loss – the death of my potential Honedge – I stumbled through the next few objectives. I saved a Frufru, collected a flute and caught a Snorlax. 310 more words

Video Game

The beginning

Hey! Nice to meet y’all!

So I’m going to use this first post to outline why I decided to begin this blog, and what sort of thing I’m going to be posting. 344 more words

Break Up

The memories from a decade ago...

She was late getting to Universal because we were both trying to dodge an inch thick contract.
I bought her a cinnabon because I didn’t want to coerce her into having to share mine. 9 more words



I look down at this little creature I love so dearly. She’s skinny and struggling to eat but she’s still strong somehow.
I think back to when this all started. 220 more words



Teaching Reflection.

In this unit I learned two big things to consider as a future teacher.
The first one is related to the unit in itself: Arts. 203 more words


Unknowing procrastination

So apparently I have to have my room cleaned before tomorrow for the possibility of new internet and cable being installed…which I have to be at work at 5 am and I need to sleep at some point. 48 more words


Second Semester: Journal N°1: Art

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMOpuC67D8I&feature=youtu.be

To start, i learned that art is a complex concept because it depends of what point of view we are talking about. Structuralism, marxism, postmodernism, etc, topics like beauty, pleasure and perspective of differents authors and also interpretate your own beauty in arts was more complicated. 225 more words