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A Look Around My Studio - with an extract from my journal...

Are you lost, my dear? Come here to my breast, Mama will steer you right.


I am armed with a digital camera, a note book and a pen. 1,014 more words


Journal: Everyone Needs Help

Taking care of my body is too much responsibility for me to handle myself.

This is reasonable.  For students, we have teachers; for athletes, coaches; for homeowners, every type of repair person and consultant; for bodies, doctors and nutritionists and personal trainers. 74 more words

Journal Entry

Charles Plewman Reflects

Charles F. Plewman, “Reflections on the Passing of Tom Thomson”,

Canadian Camping Magazine, Winter 1972

Much has been said about the mystery surrounding the death of Tom Thomson and, as time goes on, the myths increase. 1,413 more words

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A Matter For The Curious Only

“Tom Thomson family will bar exhumation of body”, Owen Sound Sun-Times, Feb. 8, 1969

A CBC TV producer’s demands that the grave at Leith, where most accept lie the remains of the world famed Canadian artist, Tom Thomson, pioneer of the Group of Seven school of Canadian art, have aroused considerable revulsion in Owen Sound. 888 more words

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The Treasure Hunt

When visiting my elderly mother yesterday, our usual game of Hide and Seek quickly turned into a Treasure Hunt. And while there are similarities between the two games, Treasure Hunt has far more appeal for me. 666 more words

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Road Journal 9/1/14

We left St. Paul mid morning on Saturday heading to Chicago. There were many grumbles about the rental car from the boys since the jeep grand Cherokee they wanted wasn’t available and I had ended up with a 2015 Ford explorer instead. 609 more words

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