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Today I’m feeling like shit, but what else is new right?

The latest in my saga is the addition of a puppy into my life, Truman. 299 more words

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Back to School and Day 332 of Topical Steroid Withdrawal

Today is Brian’s 332nd day–11 months–free of topical steroids for eczema and also the first day of 6th grade!

“Back to School 2014″ has a whole other meaning in our household. 100 more words

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End of Summer Art Blow Out Sale

Feel the thrill of owning a hand-painted original piece of art!

Lovers of nature, abstract, and women will find great prices on originals. 24 more words


I'm losing myself again

I’m losing myself again.  I say that in a way that indicates I had once found myself…but that’s a lie, i’ve simply been wandering in the hope of finding some direction.   379 more words

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Brownie Temptations - Day 2

Two minutes after I posted my first post, my friend came over with three boxes of pizza (I still have no idea why) and an ungodly amount of brownies.   648 more words


Not a fun day

I’m still ill.  

I had to give another sample to the doctors today to be tested, so he’s sent it off to the lab now.  He did check it himself though and said he thinks the kidney infection is cleared – which leaves me wondering what the fuck is wrong with my tummy if that’s the case?   227 more words

Journal Entries

Here Comes the Sun~ Scavenger Hunt {day four}

By Thursday, we had been acquainted enough with the tube system and London area that it was time for us to be set free on a scavenger hunt. 930 more words