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Eleven Books that Changed My Life (really only nine)

Miles told Sean to do this, and Sean told me to do this. “11 books that have stayed with me. Not literary masterpieces or the ‘right’ books, but books that have become a part of me in some way.” 568 more words


Which Monsters From Cabin In The Woods Would Make The Best Roommates?

If you’ve somehow never seen Cabin in the Woods and you’re a fan of horror, go watch it right now. We’ll wait for you. Are you back? 1,286 more words

Recommended Reading: Joss Whedon: The Biography, by Amy Pascale

Dear Readers, it has probably not escaped your notice that I am a glasses-wearing, reference-section-having, sci-fi-and-semi-colon-loving, Battlestar-Galactica-quoting, James-Kirk-and-Jane-Austen-action-figure-owning Nerd-Geek.

(A Nerd-Geek, according to me, is one who is inclined to passionate devotion to both things bookish and things in the science/sci-fi/fantasy realm . 1,454 more words

Recommended Reading

How not to summon the undead

I recently watched the movie “The Cabin in the Woods,” an enjoyable and creative reworking of a standard horror premise. I’m not much of a horror buff, but I made an exception because “The Cabin in the Woods” was produced and co-written by the talented Joss Whedon, and he didn’t disappoint. 493 more words

Joss Whedon Direct Hawkeye in New 'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON' Set Photo!

Check out this new photo that Empire Magazine has released for the highly anticipated film sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron down below!

The photo features director Joss Whedon giving directo to Hawkeye himself, Jeremy Renner! 71 more words


High School Hell: When It's Not Happening to You, it's Entertaining

School is a hectic microcosm, and while I’m sure many people use television to escape from that, there’s something to be said for a series that accurately reflects our feelings about that setting. 850 more words