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Wanna see my son in a Jordanian sitcom?

“Wait,” you say, “there are sitcoms in Jordan?”

Yes, there are.  This one is called My American Neighbor.  It’s a mild cross-cultural satire: Jordanians misunderstand American customs; Americans misunderstand Jordan.   122 more words

Does 'Be happy 'cause someone has it worse' hold up?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to Humans Of New York. I’d only really discovered the Facebook page recently and was floored at the images and snippets of stories Brandon, the creator, captions the pictures with. 576 more words

West Michigan students banned abroad

AMMAN, Jordan – “So, the man did not believe what we were saying and said, ‘Dave, you’re denied entry and I’m giving you a 10-year ban for lying.’” 642 more words


(My Unscientific) Trivial Observations of Jordanian Life

Today I’m feeling sluggish because I was missing the US a little bit, so instead of going to a Philly bar with a rotating beer list and awesome macaroni and cheese (Local 44, if anyone’s from West Philly and looking for a drink and/or fried brussels sprouts), I got a bag of chips and a few candy bars and pigged out, and now I’m going to go that extra lazy mile and not write a real post for you guys. 195 more words


Thought of The Night:

I need a Vacation…….khalas :(

Good Night and……Good Luck