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Last night, I had an unusually vivid dream that I was engaged in a fairly long discussion with David Bowie about me becoming his personal assistant. 7 more words

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535 new members of congress... dare to dream

Can you imagine 535 new congressmen in the nation’s capital? (Yes, I realize we only vote for one-third of the Senate at a time, so that slows the plan down by six years.) Instead of slowly bringing in new people who can be taught by the old how to grease each other’s palm and scratch each other’s back to entrench themselves in the system, you’d have 535 people who wouldn’t even know where their offices are. 186 more words

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Sometimes you hear people cite research that says “Cancer is on the rise,” or “There are more people suffering from some form of cancer than ever before.” 75 more words

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The downside of personalization

There are many tools these days that marketers use to create individualized experiences for their customers. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re often getting offers in your email or when you visit websites that are dynamic and personalized just for you. 215 more words

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How many have to die?

I was recently in New York City for a meeting, and on the way from the airport to the city, we passed by a rather large cemetery. 33 more words

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The paradox of search

One of the foundations of search results is the more people click on a webpage, the higher it will show up in search.

What’s interesting about this is if someone posts a page with content someone doesn’t like, the more that person clicks on it and shares it with others, the higher it will rise in Google search rankings. 163 more words

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