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Running in the Morning!

Not everyone thinks running on the sidewalks of New York City is a good idea. Even if you’re young, the incessant pounding on one’s knees is supposed to lead to visits to the orthopedist for this or that.   197 more words

Recap of week two

workout one: walk 5 minutes, jog 20 minutes (at green level), walk 5 minutes

This was a fairly low-key, uneventful workout. I made it the 20 minutes somehow, although I was awfully grateful to give up my turtle-like pace in favor of walking. 463 more words


Burrillville Bike Path/Duck Pond - Burrillville

Burrillville Bike Path/Duck Pond
Eastern Avenue, Burrillville, RI
Trailhead: 41°57’36.37″N,  71°41’48.00″W
Last Time Hiked: September 1, 2014
Approximate distance hiked: 3.4 miles
Easy with slight elevation. 311 more words

It's Not a Sprint...

…or so I keep telling myself!

My apologies for not responding to comments as quickly as normal.  I’d like to say it was because I’ve been away on holiday to some exotic destination but alas no. 935 more words

Personal Cultivation

Runner's Injury? WHAT

So apparently I have an IT Band issue…I’m not saying injury or problem, just issue.   What is an IT Band?  I was thinking maybe something to do with IT and computers?   331 more words

(Literally) Chasing Pavements

My hamstrings hurt like hell.

Last night, just like an asteroid escaping the orbit of another heavenly body, I was finally able to break away from the perpetual curse of wellness procrastination that had me running in an endless cycle of “ 583 more words