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Low-paid Britain: 'People have had enough. It's soul destroying'

Reposted from Guardian Society.

Yes, they have jobs … but the five people featured below are typical of millions who have no security, no holiday or sick pay, limited hours, and no dignity at work! 2,325 more words

Welcome to our blog page

Greetings & welcome to Visual Rhythm’s newest blog page. I would like to thank you for taking time out to view this message & would like to inform you that this blog will pertain various posts such as job readiness tips, Q&A’s, sign language interpreting concepts/dialogue & more. 95 more words

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Putting Myself Out There

I made some personal progress this week. After much kicking and screaming and mentally pinching myself, I finally put myself out there, out into the universe. 1,041 more words

Never Forget, It Is David Cameron Who Is Ultimately To Blame For Welfare Reform Deaths

Understandably much of the rage aginst the vicious welfare reforms –  which are costing an increasing number of lives – has been aimed at blundering fucking idiot Iain Duncan Smith. 549 more words


"HR HOT TOPICS" - Segment #3 - Resumes (How to get noticed by a Recruiter)

Segment #2 of my Job Seeker Series about Resumes is now available. Hope this information helps. Don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube Channel for more helpful tips and Career Development information.

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Watch out - the Gen Y'ers are coming!

Quite often, as I speak to self storage owners about hiring new staff, I will hear them complain that “we had a young guy/girl working here recently but they lasted about 5 minutes…” and it usually leads into some vitriolic diatribe about how the “kids these days don’t want to work” and “want everything for nothing” and show “no sense of loyalty”… 996 more words