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A History of Zionism

Zionism created Israel,


Israel recreated Zionism.

Some background:

This article by Martin Peretz provides some more in-depth historical background as well as an evaluation of Zionism:  … 22,823 more words


August 31

2 Chronicles 5:2-14

2Then Solomon sent for all the responsible men of Israel, all the chiefs of the tribes and the heads of families of the children of Israel, to come to Jerusalem and take the ark of the Lord’s agreement up out of the town of David, which is Zion. 932 more words


Life, upsetting vegetarians and a funny side effect.

So, one of the entries in my weird notebook was

“buying pigs ears as a gift would be well recieved.”

So, one day after finishing work I was wandering around Sainsbury’s and saw pigs ears, and immediately my mind went into overdrive with how funny it would be to buy pigs ears as a gift for a vegetarian friend. 155 more words

My Life

“Domani non ci sarà scuola, abbiamo ucciso tutti i bambini”

Israele nel deserto. Di Antonio Vigilante.

Non sempre coloro che prevalgono sono i vincitori effettivi di una guerra. Il governo israeliano potrà continuare a sterminare la popolazione civile palestinese, con il tacito assenso della comunità nazionale. 1,491 more words

How God Saved the World in WW2: pt. 1 "The Foundation"

Many people might be surprised Hitler was a pivotal tool for God in WW2. So much history comes into play with this, but the story of Nazi Germany begins in 1905 in Russia.Before I actually Get into how god played his role I want to illustrate the full detail of events. 4,341 more words


Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you Believed?

Peace be with you…

On the evening of that day, the first day of the week, the doors being locked where the disciples were for fear of the… 805 more words


Sheldon Kirshner: The tragedy of Lodz, 70 years later

It’s a grimy district of four square kilometres in the centre of Lodz, a city in central Poland, and it’s tremendously important in the annals of the Holocaust. 1,230 more words

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