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Uhniv, Buchach and Hrymailiv in black and white

The black and white films and scans from my recent trip to Ukraine are back from the photo lab. The synagogue and the Beit Midrash (House of Study) in Uhniv, the Jewish cemetery in Buchach and the imposing synagogue in Hrymailiv are among the subjects. 26 more words

Eastern Galicia

Sarajevo 1

I arrived in Bosnia & Herzegovina completely naive. Somehow, in my concentration on Rebecca West’s history of the region (up to the late 1930’s), I had placed the Bosnian War in a more remote past than a mere twenty years ago. 1,117 more words


Under a Blue Sky

When I woke up the sky was deep blue, the weather report promised 35 degrees. I decided to stay in the city and to walk to the Jewish cemetery and the nearby former concentration camp site. 454 more words

Eastern Galicia

On the road with the volunteers

Today I was traveling with the volunteers who work at the Jewish cemetery of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz). Kosiv, Kuty and Vyzhnytsia (Wischnitz) were on the schedule. A journey through Hasidic wonderland. 192 more words

Eastern Galicia

A day in Czernowitz, an afternoon with the volunteers

The Jewish cemetery of Chernivtsi (Czernowitz) is an enchanted garden. In his jungle you meet lions, deer, blessing hands, and people who are long gone. This morning I had some time to explore it once again. 138 more words

Northern Bukovina

From Lviv to Buchach

I leave Lviv (Lwow, Lemberg) later than I intended. It is already 2 o’clock when the bus departs from the bus station and the trip takes longer than I thought. 257 more words

Eastern Galicia

Franz Kafka and the New Jewish Cemetery

Prague’s Old Jewish Cemetery is a major tourist attraction. But to fans of Franz Kafka, the pilgrimage is to Prague’s New Jewish Cemetery, reachable by tram from the city center. 376 more words