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silver birch

Summer is drawing to a close, and hints of autumn are starting to creep into my jewellery designs. I’m very influenced by what’s going on the natural world around me, so I tend to produce floral designs in the spring and early summer, then start on seed pods, berries  and leaves as soon as the nights start drawing in. 270 more words


Jewellery in Copenhagen

Next time I get married I would love to have these wonderful handmade rings from Danish goldsmith CWH fine jewellery,  you can also find  28 more words

Lovely colorful bracelets

Another great day – beautiful colourful bracelets created.

Unfortunately the camera is not showing the beautiful colour of the beads and gemstones, but believe me they are lovely

Art Gifts

Goldsmiths Design Competition


As part of celebrating 35 years in business, C W Sellors are proud to have collaborated with the Goldsmiths’ Craft and Design Council to sponsor the award for… 291 more words

Fox, Rabbit, Mouse.

This weekend I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. I have a rule that birthday money should always be kept out of your bank account and spent only on a lovely gift for yourself. 262 more words

Clothes And Accessories

Eva Schreuder jewellery

Today is my five year wedding anniversary. How time flies! It struck me that most of my jewellery was a gift from my husband. He knows I really love jewellery and whenever there is a special occasion, like the birth of my son or my… 207 more words


Sterling Silver or Fine Silver, which do you choose? Or you could just have both!

Usually when we buy jewellery in the UK, we normally see Sterling Silver for sale but have you heard about Fine Silver and ever wondered what it is? 632 more words