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It has been an interesting month to be a Geek. D&D 5th edition surged into the spotlight, leading a large number of luminaries to out themselves as D&D players in various new publications. 1,147 more words

Fantasy Tropes And Cliches

Love Letters to Blogtard (Vol. 8)

The Blogtard is in!
I’ve been quite the sex therapist this week! It’s kind of like being psychic……you can predict the future for others but not for yourself. 287 more words


Do you know what a two-stepper is?  No, it isn’t a dance that people do.  It’s an actual move that customers do when they walk into a shop.   59 more words


Types of Boyfriends (or Boys that are friends)

I’ve dated a couple guys and some of them were very similar and some of them are very different. Mind you, these guys I dated are still pretty young (my HS boyfriend and I dated when we were 14 & 15) so the maturity levels are different and therefore behaviours are contextual.  624 more words

We all know one.

That guy that speaks in internet memes constantly. He laughs right after saying them and then if no one laughs he just goes “I was just joking, you guys are no fun.” 356 more words

Life/Love Stories

Bam vs Internet Jerks

In the first installment of Bam Vs, we hear his thoughts on internet jerks, and trolls.


The Beginnings: the games, the anxiety, and the risk

Hello all!

Like I said in my first post, I’ve dealt with my fair share of guys with only a small percentage of these guys (like 3) I actually liked more than a crush. 803 more words