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How Stuff Works

Belief is personal/Understanding is impersonal
Magic is personal/Chemistry is impersonal
Astrology is personal/Astronomy is impersonal
Trickster theory is personal/Nuts & bolts theory is impersonal

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Jeremy Vaeni

What Made Paratopia Different Than Other Shows

A man asked me, essentially, what the difference is between Paratopia and other shows. Never one to miss an opportunity at self-promotion–and also because I’ve been thinking lately how vastly different Paratopia really was from anything out there, if only to toot my own horn because I’m a lonely, lonely man–I thought, … 1,443 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Is Someone Pushing Us Into A War With Russia?

Forgive me for seeing a conspiracy where there may be none. Even I can’t help but notice that a Malaysian flight was allegedly shot down over the Ukraine by a Russian missile on this, the anniversary of Flight 800. 260 more words

Jeremy Vaeni


I’ve never heard Krishnamurti talk about his own “awakening” or his childhood or any of it. Here he is, speaking in glorious third-person… along with interviews with those closest to him and some of the most powerful clips of him addressing audiences. 42 more words

Jeremy Vaeni

Alien Theory Aids And Abets Debunkers

ETH. Three little letters that have been the backbone of ufology since its inception. It stands for “Extraterrestrial Hypothesis,” but the way it is commonly used today you’d think it’s more forgone conclusion than hypothetical. 1,073 more words

Jeremy Vaeni