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Hospital food "More like pigswill I think"...

According to the health secretary “Jeremy Hunt” hospitals will be fined if they fail to improve the standards of hospital food. We have seen this sort of action before by many political parties before but the problem still remains the same, hospital managers don’t think that serving patients decent food is a priority. 273 more words

Barnsley Hospital

Pictures of hospital food to be photoshopped

Pictures of food served in hospitals will no longer resemble material extracted from the bowels of a patient, the Health Secretary has confirmed.

An NHS spokesperson said: “Year-on-year patients grasping for a modicum of solace in a time of pain moan about the sight of their food making them lose their will to live or something like that.” 67 more words


New NHS parking charges introduced because Tories were paying too much

Stung by criticism of unfair parking charges at NHS hospitals, the Government has announced a number of discounts which will conveniently mean Tory party members enjoying free parking in future. 195 more words

Evening Harold

Lesbian lizards from space

It is surprising how quickly the world returns to normal after a week or so away and once the front door has been forced open against the pile of correspondence and once the countless emails have been ignored, it is almost as if the holiday never actually happened. 539 more words


Reiki healers urged to help with ebola epidemic

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to help Britain’s best Reiki healers to fly over to West Africa to help with the Ebola virus outbreak. 254 more words