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Marta gone

Tomorrow in the Battle Think On Me by Javier Marías 1994 (French title: Demain dans la bataille pense à moi. French translator: Alain Keruzoré.)

This month our Book Club had picked… 931 more words


Paper Please

Once more Marías has accompanied me into the late hours of the night, into my bed where my body takes its own nocturnal rest.  It is where I clutch his book close to my eyes as I fall deeply into the world of his characters trials and tribulations.   277 more words


Javier Marías

Orhan Pamuk says of Javier Marías that he “should get the Nobel Prize.” I definitely agree but I am a little soft on the recommendation seeing how I wasn’t too pleased when Pamuk won the award. 1,021 more words


Unassigned Reading

Oliver Wendell Holmes, the nineteenth-century doctor and poet, once said that “The books we read should be chosen with great care, that they may be, as an Egyptian king wrote over his library, ‘The medicines of the soul.’” REMEDIA has collected thoughts from writers and academics working in the medical humanities about the texts beyond their discipline which have influenced their ideas and research… 1,527 more words


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Remedia had has asked eight medical historians which books "influenced their ideas and research" but had absolutely nothing to do with their academic discipline. Not surprisingly, the list has an interesting mix of poetry, fiction and non-fiction. It even includes a work of young adult (YA) fiction that Ruth Graham recently railed against at Slate. As I made clear in an earlier post, thank goodness we just ignore Graham's advice.

Why write a novel?

Javier Marías’ recent Threepenny Review post, ‘Seven Reasons Not to Write Novels and Only One Reason to Write Them,’ arrived in my Feedly list just as I was about to embark on the fourth major redraft of my novel. 560 more words


Marías' Only Reason to Write a Novel

Seven Reasons Not to Write Novels and Only One Reason to Write Them

by Javier Marías

I can think of seven reasons not to write novels: 130 more words


Seven Reasons Not to Write Novels and Only One Reason to Write Them

Another great post at Three Penny Review

by Javier Marías

I can think of seven reasons not to write novels:

First: There are too many novels and too many people writing them. 1,667 more words