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JavaScript: The Event Loop

JavaScript is event based, meaning everything that happens within a browser window/tab is the result of an event occurring and code responding to that event. There are hundreds of potential events that may need to be responded to throughout the life-cycle of an HTML page. 430 more words


Leaflet.js, Node.js and Socket.io

UPDATE: Add socket.broadcast.emit(“pong”,{“x”:x,”y”:y}); before the socket.emit() to send location to all users connected. Now you can see everyone else. Will connect this to onLocationFound in Leaflet locate(). 611 more words

Referencing Variables Within Grunt Files

Grunt allows you to access any part of a configuration file from any other part by using template notation, as follows:

<%= uglify.dev.files %>

This is really great because you can avoid repetition and create semantic variants of targets. 86 more words


Coding Standards

After doing some reading on coding standards for my Content Management Systems class I’ve compiled the following listing to sum up a few of the coding standards that WordPress uses; specifically those for PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  1,459 more words


Editable Table

Hi All,

Today’s useful site is : http://mindmup.github.io/editable-table/

A tiny editable jQuery Bootstrap spreadsheet.

Happy Coding.


Trigraphs and digraphs and milliseconds oh my!

I’ve been reading my papers on recognizing biometrics from keystroke info and it generally seems to either work from training neural nets or from examining the timing of certain letter patterns, particularly digraphs and trigraphs. 408 more words


Stanford - CS101 Computer Science 101

Platform : Stanford

Provider/University : Stanford

Course : CS101 Computer Science 101

Instr : Nick Parlante

Difficulty : Easy – Medium

Hours Needed : 3-4 Hours / Week… 788 more words