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Couples Along the Way part 1





One of my favorite groups of people to shoot are couples. Each couple has its own story to tell. Some stories are just beginning; some are near their end; others could fill libraries. 180 more words

Nishikawa the Night Security Guard




I saw this young man patrolling the shopping center near my hotel. When I went to talk to him he was incredibly shy but seemed excited when I asked if I could take a picture. 31 more words

A Contest

I haven’t entered a photo contest for some ten years. When I first came to Japan, I had no idea of how to start working on getting my photographs published. 1,023 more words


Miura The Skater

It had been a long day when I stumbled upon these cool cats. I was trying to snap a photo of Sky Tree and they were trying to photobomb the foreigner. 44 more words

Fumiya & Yōhei : Mini Don Juans

After a late night dinner I decided a beer and people watching near a train station would be a good way to kill time before bed. 67 more words

Kentaru the Rickshaw Driver (人力車)

I met this young man in Kyoto. He was near one of the larger temples and he looked exhausted. I asked him if he was tired but, in typical Japanese fashion,” I’m OK! 57 more words

Multiculturalism or Anti-Multiculturalism in Japan

by Naresh Kumar

The Japanese version of multiculturalism is anti-multiculturalism. Every action or support, provided by the government and people of Japan is not for cultural minorities but for the social and cultural majorities. 550 more words