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Some days ago I was reading an article about Japanese seasons when I came across the words 風物詩. The dictionary translates it “things which remind one of a particular season”.  84 more words

Japanese Learning Journey

九月は月見・Moon Viewing in September

September.  It’s the “moon viewing” season.  The “mid-autumn moon” (chu’ushu’u-no-meigetsu) is a moon on August 15 by lunar calendar – but by Gregorian calendar it occurs sometime in September.  542 more words

San Francisco

Let's get Ready

Today is “Disaster Preparedness Day”. In 1923, a massive earthquake attacked Tokyo area, claiming lives of thousands. It is also 二百十日 (=210th date from the beginning of spring), which means that typhoon-vulnerable season has started. 13 more words

Introducing, "Takurei's Room"

Where has the summer gone?

These past few evenings have been unseasonably chilly, suggesting that the days of roasted sweet potatoes, pumpkin flavored Kit-Kats, and foliage will make an early appearance this year. 236 more words

Japanese Culture

Electrified in Tokyo, Memories of Majestic Mount Fuji, & Humbled In Hakone

by Marissa Penn

After studying Japanese history, culture, religion, and art, I embarked on my incredible journey to Japan in October of 2008.  I felt the little hairs on my arms standing up as I boarded the jumbo jet at New York’s JFK, waves of excitement running up and down my spine, knowing I would end up on the other side of the world, in Tokyo. 490 more words


Foraging through the human landscape

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy…. but can I have a ride to Tokushima?

This was the proposition we had for all the customers who approached the Mini-Stop convenience store at the southbound Tarumi highway parking area just outside of Kobe. 2,019 more words