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Eggs; take your stands ladies

Day 10 of Gonal F. I’m tired and my abdomen is heavy sore and bloated. The very good news is that I’ve responded well. It’s weird to walk too far or fast as I can feel my ovaries and follicles like ball bearings in there. 184 more words


FET protocol

Friday, I met with our IVF nurse to go over our FET protocol and review the handy dandy calendar of dates.

Looks like I’ll start the lupron injections (in my thigh, ack!) September 7th. 397 more words


A quote which made me think….

I saw a quote today which read ‘The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead’.

It made me really sad when I read that, because that’s what trying for a baby has made me do so often – wish away my days for better ones ahead. 371 more words


There is always hope.

Feels weird being back on the pill after years of trying to get pregnant. 

I always thought IVF would be a last resort but here I am. 47 more words


Who will use your IVF eggs ?

Egg donation is a treatment option for women who do not produce enough normal eggs but are otherwise able to be pregnant. Some of these women have malfunctioning ovaries or entered menopause at an early age. 209 more words


Just another day.... (2dp5dt)

Just another Monday…thankfully I work from home so I’m not exactly going to over do thing sitting at a desk at home.
Nothing particularly notable again. 200 more words


Baby Brain Does Exist....

Apparently baby brain does exist.  I feel like I’m lost in thought and can’t remember if I brushed my teeth most days let alone what is going on at work or home.  1,075 more words