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Ce este beautyshen?

Acest blog este locul in care puteti gasi raspunsuri la intrebari, sfaturi, dar si informatii noi si sper eu utile despre beauty.Multe dintre noi, caci da, acest site va este dedicat voua , doamnelor si domnisoarelor, avem nevoie de parerile altor persoane inainte de a cumpara anumite produse, tocmai de aceea m-am decis sa impartasesc cu voi tot ce stiu. 23 more words


For Whom the Syrian Bell Tolls

Islamic State (IS) is an insidious menace to international security, a terrifying group of butchers and rapists to the people it attacks and a further shameful example of the failings of humanity; but it is also popular. 959 more words

'Only fools will rush into Iraq' | Hugh White

In the face of the latest rush “to do something” (in this case about the Islamic State), Hugh White provides some sensible counsel.

They should also be reminded there is simply no way to have any real influence over the way that new order evolves with the kind of low-cost low-risk commitments the interventions would involve.

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′Gruesome evidence of ethnic cleansing′ in Iraq

Rights group Amnesty International on Tuesday accused “Islamic State” (IS) militants of carrying out the systematic ethnic cleansing of minorities across northern Iraq, citing “hair-raising” accounts from witnesses. 419 more words


Prime Minister's Fear-mongering Rhetoric

See also: The Ideology Threatening Britain is Neoconservatism Mr Cameron

Crosspost: CAGE

(London, UK) On 29 August 2014, UK Prime Minister David Cameron publicly declared that the threat level to the UK had been raised[1] due to fear of British nationals returning from the Middle East. 813 more words

Current Affairs

PM backs new laws against killing people and blowing stuff up

David Cameron has given his unconditional support to a new set of rules that will punish those that kill others, or try to ruin things with explosives. 201 more words