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WARNING: Following contains foul language.

Can you think of a couple people who you just wish you could hit with a bus? Yeah, me neither. But let’s say there ARE a couple people. 70 more words

The Problem With Abundance

When I was a little bit older than Henry is now, I desperately wanted a new bike. I had the exact one I wanted all picked out, too. 1,411 more words


Can You Not?

For a few weeks now I have been living with a 2 people whilst house sitting this gorgeous dog. The longer I’m here the more I realise that I hate not having control of everyone in the household. 349 more words

Train Of Thoughts

Didn't You Know? I'm An Atheist

I understand that people won’t just assume that I’m an Atheist (or respect it if they do know) and adjust their comments accordingly, but I still find some of the things theists say to be annoying. 384 more words


Cheeses Me Off

As of lately I’ve realised that there are 2 types of people who have the ability to really cheese me off:

1) Negative people

You know the types that I’m talking about, those Debbie Downers who put a negative spin on pretty much everything. 351 more words


There are billions of people in the world and you can’t let them all get to you but there is a category of people that irks me no matter how much I try to ignore them and move on. 204 more words

This College, I Swear...

I need to rant, in hopes that I can squelch this constant, unsurprising misery for just a little longer.

Every year my college disappoints me and my fellow students more often than any student should admit, but with just one more year to go (for me anyway) it’s as though they cannot wait to pull needless shit over and over again. 698 more words