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Menopause Awareness

Menopause Awareness month

 Menopause is a natural occurrence that can happens as early as 40 years old. Menopause simply means end of the month,y cycle . 178 more words



The aftermath of a bacon-frying session on a cast-iron pancake skillet

Food Photography


The Horseshoe has long been considered lucky. It’s possible that the crescent shape (like the moon’s) being made of iron (considered magical) and being used by the horse (often linked with being used by the horse. 225 more words

Witching Hour

Our Hidden Bacterial Friends Keep Us All Alive – Shewanella oneidensis

While the word “bacteria” conjures images of human illness and death for many people, the vast majority of bacteria in the world allow for the healthy functioning of humans and ecosystems. 623 more words


Seriously? Ironing board that melts.

I’m bummed. The sleeve board I use melted when I blew steam off my iron at cotton/linen setting.

I know the temperature was high. But that’s what the ironing board for, isn’t it? 153 more words


10 ways to get more iron

Good morning :)

So as you may know most people don’t get enough iron, I know I don’t.  So I wanted to throw out 10 ways to get more iron, most of these I actually like! 320 more words

Healthy Eating