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REVIEW: Hammered (The Iron Druid Chronicles #3) by Kevin Hearne

Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is worse than a blowhard and a bully—he’s ruined countless lives and killed scores of innocents. After centuries, Viking vampire Leif Helgarson is ready to get his vengeance, and he’s asked his friend Atticus O’Sullivan, the last of the Druids, to help take down this Norse nightmare. 434 more words

5 Stars

Lough Gur, Bruff, Co Limerick

Here where low-crowned limestone hills curve through the lough basin, prehistoric people settled on the well-drained sheltered soils…Red deer wandered in the trees alert for the wolf and the bears and for the barking of the hunters’ dogs. 528 more words

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Lough na Suil | Mysterious Disappearing Lake of Irish Mythology



I first came to Moytura in Co Sligo in search of the places linked with the tales of Irish mythology upon which I was basing my books. 607 more words



Knowth is part of the Newgrange complex at Bru na Boinne, on the banks of the River Boyne in County Meath.  These grand monuments were constructed around 32ooBC, which means that they are even older than the more famous sites of Stonehenge in England, and the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. 271 more words


Cahergal and Leacanabuaile Forts, Ballycarbery Castle, Kimego West, Co. Kerry

The ruin is enriched with symbolic value, when a community retains a broken structure as a cultural treasure. The symbolic ruin is the meaningful monument. It brings to mind, or to soul, a value saved and hence vital. 1,259 more words

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The Lia Fail | Ancient Ireland's Sacred Stone of Knowledge

The Lia Fail stands at the top of the Hill of Tara (Teamhair na Ri in Irish, pronounced Tee-ow-ir na Ree) near the River Boyne in Co Meath, a much weathered column of grey granular granite approximately 1m in height above the ground. 735 more words


Dervorgilla and Celtic Mythology

Dervorgilla came from Norway and was a stranger in Ireland. She had listened to so many tales about Cuchulain that she decided he would have to be her only love. 435 more words

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