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Tea meant something.

In blurry childhood recollections, a mug of tea was acceptance at the table. A thing I had access to when other avenues of entry were barred. 634 more words


Three hundred sixty five is a big number.

Oh it was stellar like a star, a constellation, a galaxy of burning gaslights. And love had gravity, influence, gave weight to things. And in the orbits of our hearts, we shared dreams and meanings and metaphors for reaching peaks that meant clearer ways to see. 308 more words



I wish I could talk to someone. Curl up with a blanket around someone. Pass hours into early mornings just being with someone.

Candles and late night coffee don’t feel the same. 361 more words


Saved on the phone, some weeks ago.

Saved drafts. A hundred time rewriting the same scene, the same line. Like if I get the words out just right, this time, it’ll amount to something worth someone’s time. 260 more words


Quote of the Day- August 13, 2014

“You cannot heal a wound without examining it. You cannot solve a problem if you cannot talk about it. It is important for us to look open eyed and without recoiling at what some people actually think about, not only at what we want to think about.”

– Neal Donald Walsch

Good Enough

Vulnerability strikes at the heart
Uncovering all insecurities inside
Touching the essence of my being
Pointing out the persistant belief
That no matter what i do or achieve… 79 more words