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Sewing an invisibility cloak with lasers

Invisibility cloaking is already a reality, but don’t expect it works just like in Harry Potter.

The idea of invisibility has fascinated people for millennia and has been an inspiration or ingredient of myths, novels and films, from the Greek legend of Perseus versus Medusa to H.G. Well’s …

Cloak of Invisibility

There is only so much you can hide from, only so many films you can watch through your fingers, and only so many times you can put your big toe down to see if its safe before taking a step. 252 more words

Books And Daydreams

Love Is Blindness

Took the bf swimming today, which is a revelation in itself. His eyesight is appalling – think the cartoon-typical ‘milk bottle’ thick lenses. Lacking glasses I was required to be a sort of carer – “ 89 more words

Daily Stuff


(aka: Literambling, pt. 2)

This is the era of invisibility. We have been given perhaps the most dangerous of abilities: to make ourselves un-seeable. Not in a literal sense, of course, but in a relational one. 708 more words



When I decided to start blogging, I thought to myself that this would be a way to express how I felt. The deep, ugly, strange and foreign feelings that I cannot express to those directly linked into my life. 235 more words

can you define truth? (daily hot! quote)

“Truth is an inner invisibility. It does not emit or absorb right or wrong. It does not have a fixed, cognitive shape and cannot be recognized directly. 25 more words


It's Not Easy Being Meta: Literally invisible

It’s hard being a social outcast, a recluse, someone whose on the fringe of society. Hard because no matter what you wear you look weird, no matter what you do it’s weird. 444 more words