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I have hit THE WALL. Not literally, no car crashes or broken fists or anything like that. But that metaphorical wall has come up and hit me in the face. 1,027 more words


Six Strengths of Quiet Influencers

Time for Chapter 2 of “Quiet Influence; The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference” by Jennifer Kahnweiler.  She’s an extrovert who does a lot of coaching of introverts.  300 more words

Chris Donner

Thoughts About Thinking

I am almost never bored because I think that even the most common things are interesting to me. I think stories about every day life are fascinating because they give glimpses into how people live. 2,658 more words


Mini Experts

When people seek out advice, they generally want to get the most helpful or accurate response possible. It’s no wonder that “experts” are so valued in their respective field. 491 more words

Personal Affairs.

My list of prompts is starting to grow. Today, I’ll take a day off from them and just recap my day, and present some drawings. It feels good to simply express, both what’s on one’s mind, and whatever that mind decided to make physical. 593 more words


Some backstory

Growing up, I always had teachers asking me why I was so quiet. They’d say, you need to break out of your shell, stop being so shy, why are you so introverted. 142 more words


Psychology fun facts

As I’ve mentioned previously I am now a Psychology graduate, and i thought a good idea would be to share with you the TOP TEN little theories, models, and research which I found  not only super interesting to look at but also found so helpful when I applied them to by own life. 641 more words