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Return to Betjemanland (BBC4 01-09-14)

LOVELY affectionate tribute to the old literary rascal was paid by AN Wilson on BBC4 last evening, thirty years on from John Betjeman’s death.

I’m sure it’s the same for many JB addicts but at any celebration or examination of his life and work, I come over with an acheing, not so much for things past but for things more beautiful, more timeless, more harmonious – things better. 370 more words


The Art of Masking

The art of masking, what is it? Well, in my case its the masking of my internalised thoughts and feelings. It’s the manner in which I mask that I believe to be an art. 792 more words


Too many people, not enough quiet.

Today is Labor Day and for most people that means going to the lake/river/water park (like my family is). But for an introvert like me it means trying to get solitude and quiet while there are many people coming and going from my house. 47 more words


Teach your children the difference between being shy and being an introvert!

As a little girl, I was conditioned to believe that I am shy. Not because my mother was not a good mother, just because she didn’t know any better and resources like the internet we have today was not readily available for her to research exactly what my problem was. 488 more words


Do not Fall for the Quiet Girl

Don’t fall for the quiet girl that sits still in a corner of the room, she will be a big mystery to you. There will always be something so awkward about her – whether it’s in the way that she sips on her cup of coffee or how she stutters with the right words to say. 570 more words

Personal Message

Poem #1: "Private" (From The Book "Romantically Incorrect")

Man’s hypocrisy,
Awe-inducing and confusing
Displaying his trophies,
Sating his exhibitionist tendencies,
While incensed with onlooker’s ogling
Fearing the image of his
Feminine mantle dressing… 151 more words

Confessional Poetry