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The Hermit

I took a week off of work this week. Finally. It went by fast, even though I didn’t go anywhere or do anything in particular. What really tickled me was the call I just got from my landlord. 613 more words


Don't Touch Me, I'm Norwegian: Migration and Temperament

There are a lot of Indian families in our area. The greater Boston area has a lot of technology and biotech companies and attracts tech people from all around the globe. 614 more words



The work daughter left to start her new big adventure yesterday.  One of the downsides of airline security is you can’t wait at the gate with someone until the very last minute they board the plane.  967 more words


Ambiverts Are the New Black: Signs of Ambiversion

As a child, you could have considered me an introvert. I talked a lot, but more than anything I was in my own world, I could play alone for hours, and spent a lot of time with my head in a book. 686 more words

A fine balance: introversion, leadership, and being a good team member

I recently finished Susan Cain’s excellent book Quiet: The Power of Introverts. For me, an introvert’s introvert, the book confirmed some things I already knew and gave me some new things to think about. 616 more words

How I Feel Anywhere New

This is pretty close to how I feel in a room full of people I don’t know.

Personal Update

Meek ah!

‘She’s recluse! She’s a fucking snub. She’s socially inept.’

*she giggles*
She loves her life like that. Opinion is an a-hole; everyone’s got one. Her number of friends can be counted on her fingers, while still having enough to flash the victory sign.

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