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Hello Sunshine ! Nice day to start blogging...

So how do I start to write a blog? It shouldn’t be too hard, put your thoughts into words and make it witty, interesting, quirky and honest. 915 more words


Why less words?

Why less words?

Recently, I decided that the future blog posts should be small, precise and to the point. Why? Because I recently read a rule called the 80/20 principle. 72 more words


Fresh Starts

The temptation and urge to write something really cheesy like describing myself messing with a microphone on stage is strong… 


If you’re finding your way to this then I guess a welcome is in order. 954 more words


The new school year begins here

The new school year has begun. 2014-2015 will bring its share of fun and surprises. Welcome to all my new students, young and old, to my blog. 54 more words


Intro 2: I am the lucky one

Very.  Even so, be careful what you wish for.

So here I begin.  The first was an old one.  And yet these two appear to be a sequence and are now so numbered. 7 more words


Students: Welcome to Mythology!

Hi Students!  Here is a copy of the syllabus and parent letter for your convenience.

Our first day, we discussed what a myth is and discovered there is no set definition. 32 more words

Parent Letter

First Day: Welcome!

Welcome to our class blog, students!  In case you ever need to access it quickly, here is our syllabus.

Here is a copy of my… 47 more words

Parent Letter