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An introduction.

So, I believe introductions are in order.

Hi, I’m Lene, known on the internet either as Lenetime or Lunshtime. I’m a 18 year old IB student from Scandinavia, with a great interest in books, movies, and video games. 295 more words

First Post

Which project plan does this blog follow?

This project plan can be applied to many situations in our lives – e.g. when writing master or doctoral theses, home works, finance or business plans or for our personal life etc. 338 more words


A Brief Introduction

Hello! My name is Catherine Uy and I am a journalism student at San Francisco State University. My interest in journalism started ever since I learned to speak and write. 182 more words


What is the "Positive Common License"?

The “Positive Common License” is a variation of the existing Creative Commons license, with the only addition that, the following content can only be used for all the good of things. 19 more words


Hello World!

Well, it is almost 4am in Eastern Canada and I can’t seem to sleep. I’ve tried blogging in the past and thought that I would try it again. 77 more words


What is Hokuism?

Hokuism (or Hōkūism) aims to be a helpful spiritual practice, for those, who are looking for it. The word Hokuism is derived from the hawaiian word “Hōkū” and means “ 63 more words