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Social Responsibility in the Digital Age: Sex Crimes, Jennifer Lawrence, and Rape Culture

Over the Labor Day weekend, while average US citizens were watching college football, cooking out, and enjoying the extra day away from work and school, a vile crime was committed against members of a particular group, who are, every day, simultaneously worshiped and reviled. 3,363 more words


Hybrid Masculinities and Sexual Aesthetics

Sociology professor Tristan Bridges was interviewed earlier this summer as part of The Society Pages Office Hours podcast:

Tristan is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

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Racism Exists (Don't Inform Me About My Life Experience)

In the last few days, there has been numerous blog posts, articles, and media covering the horrible reality occurring in Ferguson. With the death of one young man, the curtain of covert racism has been ripped away for the world to see. 895 more words

Real Life

introductory intersectionality

I had to watch many YouTube videos for this advertisement to pop up again, because I asphyxiated the first time (nah, I just accidentally closed the window). 499 more words


intersectionality: a fun guide

Mary Anne Dorward reblogged this on Footprints In Ecuador and commented:

Intersectionality is a new concept for me. My Footprints in Ecuador blog is now being read in over 75 countries. So FIE Readers, what are your thoughts and experiences around the world of Intersectionality? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Special thanks to Miriam Dobson for the original cartoon I have re-blogged here on FIE.


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The Patriarchal Orientation of Sex, Race, Economic and Human/Nonhuman Classes

Republished with permission from Vegan Feminist Network.

By marv wheale

Neither capital nor labor tend to consider women as a sex class beneath men. Both economic classes are prone to treat sexual relations as private, naturalist, voluntaristic, thereby not collectively antagonistic. 2,060 more words

Dear Katy Perry,

Please…just stop. Just crawl back under the christian rock you came from and fade away into obscurity. Stop your racism, stop your… 313 more words