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A Look by Ernie Moore Jr. at the Book of Enoch Chapter Two

Chapter 2 2.1  Think about regularity of sky lights-at least the sun and stars.-Ernie Moore Jr.

Chapter 2 2.2  Think of the ground as a place things are done and that things done by God comes to completion.-Ernie Moore Jr. 628 more words


Should we read the Bible without the Watchtower?

The Watchtower (WT) interestingly believe that their beliefs/teachings are completely in accordance to the Bible and that the Bible is their only source of truth, which is a great start, yet ironically they ask every follower to avoid reading the Bible on its own, but rather follow the Bible based on what the WT interprets through their own publications and sermons. 694 more words


Interpreting the Word of God with a Jesus Heart

Reprint by permission from author, Terri L. Kilroy at http://www.withjoyfulhope.blogspot.com:

To my fellow Christians, I’m quite sure I’m about to state the obvious here, but as an avid Bible student, it seems to me, the more I get to know Jesus’ heart and grow further in love with who He is, the far better equipped I am to interpret His word especially when it comes to those more complex, even difficult passages. 300 more words


FTR #4: I Believe Every Word of the Bible

It’s been a while since I wrote a review for Kris Vallotton’s Fashioned to Reign, but I have finally read the next chapter. And it was really good! 1,909 more words


Three Questions About God's Foreknowledge

We humans love to predict the future. Or listen to someone who can.

Sometimes it’s just a novel curiosity like breaking open a fortune cookie; sometimes it’s more serious like reading a horoscope or visiting Madame Palm Reader. 1,802 more words

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The little things

With all the huge projects we have had happening at Hardwick this summer it is easy for the little things to get glossed over, however the little things are so important as well. 958 more words


I had a conversation today ...

I had a conversation today about sounds. We spoke about two places in the Northern latitudes, places that have sites where you can experience real, unperturbed natural noise. 147 more words