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Where Are All the Hacked Pics of Men?

When I read the headlines that someone had hacked into Jennifer Lawrence’s phone and posted her private photos on the Internet — along with many other celebrities — my initial reaction was sadness. 758 more words

I Confess, I'm a Spy

Hideous little fact, but if you torture somebody long enough, they’ll
eventually tell you whatever they think you want to hear. Eventually
they’ll start confessing to things they haven’t even done. 708 more words

Fangirl Culture

I have been wanting to write about the subject for quite some time now. The reason for that, is because the subject matter is close to my heart. 2,200 more words


When was the last time you took out your Internet trash?

The Internet, contrary to popular belief, is not an unlimited expanse, and it is also beholden to the physical laws of our world. Just how much can it hold before it becomes too much? 1,037 more words


Act Like a Human

In the midst of all these ice bucket challenges, some body smart suggested we need a new
internet meme, “Act Like a Human.” On line bullying and abuse is just astounding sometimes. 561 more words

Funhouse Mirrors

Sometimes trying to relate to people can be a bit like being trapped in a hall of mirrors at a funhouse,  unable to find the exit. 508 more words