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How to organize your adoption paperwork; i.e. Our Paper Pregnancy

Working towards an adoption can feel like a part or a full-time job.  I seriously feel like a secretary.  There is so much paperwork that it can feel overwhelming, the term I’ve found in the internet is “Paper Pregnant.”  Here is the system that I used to help keep me a little bit sane. 393 more words


"Full Circle" -- Sue O.

Full Circle 

I first came in contact with Children’s Home Society in 1987 (when it was only 98 years old!). We were desiring to add a fourth child to our family and were looking for an agency with experience in international adoption and, more importantly, placing special needs children.  520 more words


Amy D.

I am greatly indebted to Children’s Home Society of Minnesota for changing my life and the lives of my parents and family, too. My parents were having difficulties conceiving children and after several miscarriages thought about giving up but then saw an advertisement in the Star Tribune newspaper that Children’s Home Society had placed for International Adoption from Korea. 744 more words


Brittany's Hope Foundation

Time Only Strengthens Our Relationship

Our partnership began over 7 years ago, but our relationship continues to grow every day. The journey we embarked upon with Children’s Home Society of Minnesota has been one of tremendous joy and happiness. 70 more words


Sandra B.

I am the proud mom of 5 Korean-born teenagers, ages 19 to 15. Although my husband had initially planned to adopt only 2 children, God had other plans for us. 237 more words


When UNICEF 'Kool-Aid' is Served at Your Next Dinner Party

We Love Katie Jay!

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Assisted reproductive technology is a multi-billion dollar industry. But no one ever questions the value or proposes that doctors start doing IVF for free. 65 more words

International Adoption

News from DRC: Rest In Peace, Ben Dillow

Saturday, Benjamin Chase Dillow was laid to rest in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) after a valiant battle for his life. His parents did what no parent should ever have to do. 485 more words