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Public relations professionals should ask: does it pass the smell test? As they become ethical guardians

Public relations professionals should position themselves as the organisation’s ethical guardians

The measures of business are no longer purely efficiency and profit where all’s fair in love and war – as long as your owners get their dividends. 622 more words


EMIC takes a groundbreaking approach to employee engagement surveys

Originally posted on EMIC‘s website on 26 August 2014

“An organisation’s success is built on its people. And if you can find a way to properly connect with those people, you are likely to have motivated, productive staff and a more successful business. 191 more words

Employee Engagement

Now Is the Time: Using Video to Engage Your Employees

Video content is exploding. Cisco states by 2017 video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic while on-demand traffic will almost triple. If those stats don’t raise your brow then consider this, YouTube has more than one billion unique visitors each month (the only channel to beat those numbers is Facebook). 571 more words


Do you hate your boss?

If the answer’s yes, you’re likely working for someone who doesn’t value communication, recognition or helping you understand how your work fits into the overall strategy of the company. 550 more words

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In the shadows

Having reached the one year milestone in my first in-house role, I’ve found myself reflecting on what I’ve learnt on the other side of the fence. 422 more words

Helen Deverell

Always-On Communications at Red Gate

Since 1999, Red Gate Software has produced ingeniously simple tools for over 500,000 technology professionals worldwide, specialising in MS SQL Server, .NET, and Oracle. Based in the university town of Cambridge, UK, Red Gate’s philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools that solve the problems of DBAs and developers. 849 more words

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Is anybody out there listening?

One of our biggest challenges as internal communicators and change agents inside an organization is the difficulty of knowing if our message is being heard. Sure, we can track traffic on the intranet, attendance at town halls and of course, the ubiquitous ‘survey’ offered after events or periodically throughout the year. 439 more words

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