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The book, “Return to Love,” by Marianne Williamson, has profoundly influenced my life. It’s changed my entire perspective on religion vs.spirituality.
If anyone is struggling with religion this book will help improve their tolerance and love, for not only themselves, which is first foremost of importance, but their view of the entire world. 203 more words


No, We Are NOT All Getting Taller or Growing Bigger Feet

Hey manufacturers: remember that there are plenty of us still around who haven’t grown much in the last several decades.

Lila is a mere five feet tall with size 5 feet, a situation that has not changed since… oh, probably about age 13 or so. 717 more words


The EdCamp

Armed with a white board and pieces of colored paper, we ventured to The Raya School to try out the professional development activity called, EdCamp. By far, it is the most spontaneous activity I have ever attended. 439 more words

Brain Dump

Is Entrepreneurship FOR YOU?

It requires at least a 20,000 circulation for Summit Media to continue publishing a magazine.

One of their magazine, “Entrepreneur,” boasts of a 30,000 circulation, a 4x pass-on readership, and a total monthly readership of 150,000. 3,094 more words



It’s been such a long, long time since I had a steady blog. I am, undoubtedly, going to be way out of practice. My apologies. I had a blog for 3-4 years at one point, then gradually lost interest in my blog journaling. 107 more words

The Blog

I'm actually going to play golf...whaaaat?

This is something that has actually taken me by surprise. I’m taking up golf. I never, ever, ever thought I would say that much less do it. 97 more words


Rio Dell-In the Heart of the Redwoods

Some towns change a lot over the years. Rio Dell, not so much.

Old Things