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The ties that bind

I absolutely love that my daughter is taking a photography class in high school this year. I have often wondered if either one of my kids would take an interest in photography like moi. 165 more words

An Interest for You, Makes for an Interesting Life

If you want to find happiness, you need to first find an interest that fulfills you. Your interest can be almost anything but it has to fit two requirements. 777 more words


Why I'm grateful today, every little helps :)

Hi everybody!

I found out this morning that I already have  over 10 followers!

When I first started this bog , I did not know what to expect, since I was totally new to blogging. 74 more words


Web site hoarding continued


A few lucky favorited topics have stayed consistently interesting to me. Most of my saved music resources are still just as valuable now as there were a few years ago. 261 more words


Did time exist for you?

I took this two weeks ago in the woods of Nagano. The toys that interest us as we age is contrasted in this photo and it brings me back to memories of when I was young. 187 more words

Save that web site!

Feelings jotted down a monthish ago. Maybe jotted on a ipad isn’t the right adjective. Plunked or tapped feels good but isn’t right. Anyways, plenty more additional parts of my brains trains to come on related stuff, thanks to whoever reads! 348 more words


Beauty Box International Swap! : Would You Be The Beauty Respondent?

Hi the little cranberry pie!

Oh I haven’t blog for almost a month now! haiz..must apologize for that ..gomenasai!! *bow

(Gomenasai= Sorry/ Excuse me in Japanese) The reason why I haven’t blog for almost a month is…………. 1,349 more words