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Goals for the Week

Last week my goal was to work out 3 times, including 2 intense workouts. I did a repeat of the YouTube circuit workout. Again, I only made it through the circuit 3 times, but it was slightly less strenuous than the first time. 715 more words


Understanding volume and intensity in your workout program

Too often I hear clients and friends tell me “I did so and so workout the other day, it kicked my ass and I couldn’t walk for two days, it was great! 535 more words


On Celebration

Some point towards the sky.

I, towards the ground.
Then towards myself.

This moment.
This feeling.
This is
My Life.




                               Versus M.P.B. on 13th April 2014


[NB] Bland Insight

This post circles around Francois Jullien’s In Praise of Blandness. I first encountered Jullien during my “if I see a Zone Book I read it” phase of my college library wanderings. 647 more words


I'm Incapable of "Taking It Easy"

I’ve come to an interesting and (somewhat) important self-realization over the past week: I am incapable of “taking it easy” during workouts.

You know how if you’re following a training or workout plan, some will call for an “active recovery” day? 756 more words


ETA 103 Color Intensity Shimmer & Matte Makeup Palette BR

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BR makeup palette with 103 intensified colors shades, it will meet all your makeup needs. It is a wonderful all in one makeup eyeshadow palette with trendy colors. 12 more words


Leah Smithson noted yesterday that one of my massage styles sounded intense. It got me thinking about a thing I think about sometimes and that’s… 361 more words