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Little Things

Almost every day I told Megan she was perfect. That me and her were the perfect fit and everything felt right when we were together. There are a heap of songs that tell the story of perfection being in the eye of the beholder, much like beauty. 1,257 more words


The lost girl

A strict widowed mother unknowing of Lila, her 13 year old daughter, secret told her to go out to the local market to fetch some fresh vegtables for supper. 547 more words



Ha! I knew you
would get around to
asking about the photo in
my drawer
the one with
someone missing torn
neatly down
the middle lacking… 21 more words



They flooded the market
with exquisite objects

even as
the sage was detailing
a delicate flower on
the underside of a bowl

and I stood with a flower… 33 more words



Is despair
a wind
(what terrible butterfly
beating its wings)
or perhaps
it is a sea where
things sink forever
are crushed eventually in
the monstrous pressure… 12 more words


Sword Art Online Season 2: Episode 8

Finally! The tournament has arrived! This is the episode we (at least I) have been waiting for. To see how their skills compare. 467 more words