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Autoimmune Disease

Short introduction to Autoimmune Diseases.  Effects around 50 million Americans.  There looks to be a link between all of them with several other conditions involved. At this point there are perhaps 80 and some with similar symptoms.  86 more words

Chronic Conditions

Joint Pain, Or Any Pain

Honest to Pete, really and truly–come talk to me before scheduling surgery.  There are lots of options to reduce and/or eliminate most pain, joint or otherwise, that have only good side effects, no down side, cheaper, and less risk.   39 more words

Chronic Conditions

Longing for Health Information & Solutions

Whatever their particular area of need, people are seeking answers to their health questions and concerns. They are using online forums and in-person events. Some are looking for the fountain of youth, while others are simply looking for solutions not provided through their interactions with the medical establishment (traditional providers and provider organizations). 243 more words


Echoes of Iyengar

It’s perhaps an odd and humbling confession to make, but it turns out that, without even having ever met this belated noneganarian, and without realizing it, this man named Iyengar had gotten under my skin. 416 more words


WIAW #20: What I ate on Day 5 of my Elimination Diet

Hi everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have talked about my diet and my autoimmune symptoms on here and wanted talk about what new developments that have occurred just in the last week. 1,583 more words

DNA Center for Integrative Medicine & Wellness

I have been working with DNA for almost a year now, in fact, they have their one year anniversary coming very soon so I am excited to celebrate this with them all.   419 more words