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Internal Communication

Internal Communication at the Virtual Organization

As the leader of a virtual organization or virtual team, attention to communication between co-located and geographically separated individuals requires a heightened level of importance and skill. 723 more words

Virtual Teams

MSN Messenger to shut down in China, its final stronghold

Microsoft’s MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger as it was known in most places after 2006, bit the dust in April 2013 — but not everywhere. 171 more words

Snapchat.... Fad or here to stay??

Personally I think Snapchat will only get stronger,  i think Snapchat is here for the long run. People always have something to send to eachother, whether it’s a silly picture of themselves or friends on a night out or an unusual situation around them. 758 more words

Instant Messaging

Why Messaging has Completely Surpassed Calling in the Preferences of Workers

In recent years, there has been a swift shift towards messaging as the preferred mode of communication, with the number of phone calls steadily declining and discontent with email growing.  738 more words

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3 Free Ways to Easily Communicate with Your Virtual Assistant

If you want to hire a Virtual Assistant, you might be worried that you cannot see the person directly. Usually, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you might keep meetings in your office or the independent contractor’s office. 514 more words

Virtual Assistant

Size Does Not Count When Blogging

The prevailing theory back in 2007 was that people had short attention spans in the age of instant messaging and electronic media, requiring bloggers to keep their posts relatively short. 178 more words


Skype for Windows Phone with the least possible actions

After a pleasant two weeks spent pondering the nature of Skype and the location of Skype contacts, it’s time to get back down to earth with some step by step tips. 282 more words

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