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How God Speaks To Me

The conversations I’ve have had over the last week have been so fantastic. Some of them hurt, some of them were encouraging, and some where very informative. 765 more words

It's Time ...

… to step away from the barre. 

My inside barre studio is working a treat and I’m in love with it. But I’ve had to have a deep and meaningful with it and break the news that I need some space. 284 more words

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.


Who Is Watching You?

Now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to maintain a certain level of decorum when writing or responding on social media. While we all use this platform to be heard in one form or another, we must remember that everyone has access to everything we post. 283 more words


How many people?!

I remember not to long ago, I was talking with a top producer in a company I work with. Since we always hear, “If you want what the top producers have, do what the top producers do,” I figured I would just ask. 347 more words


I recently shopped at a well-known arts and crafts store and found some really artsy decorative letters. Well, of course, I spelled out WRITE immediately. That word seems to come to mind all the time. 60 more words


I'm getting a logo designed!

Yay, I’ve been in contact with a person who is going to design the logo for my publishing/writing company.

It’s actually happening – wow!

I just sent a document with a vision statement, key words, how I came up with the business name and my hopes for it. 531 more words