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August: Musical Inspiration

I’d like to start sharing music that has inspired me over the past month, and hope some may resonate with you as well…


I would love to hear what music has inspired you over the past month, in the comments below!  14 more words


The dreaded gym

As of yesterday I officially am a gym member. In typical I-change-my-mind-every-10-seconds fashion, this is something I absolutely swore I would never do. But I feel great about it, and here’s why. 215 more words


My Running Log: 4.15 Miles I Don't Remember As I Write This

Well, I ran this morning, that I know for sure. I know, too, that I logged over four miles. I know where I started, where I went, and where I finished. 202 more words

My Journey

Emerging in colours

Every piece at the same time – more is better goes for rainbows especially


One Lovely Blog Award - 7 Random Facts About Me

I am honoured and thankful to the talented Kirsten Aikens, for nominating me for a “One Lovely Blog” award! I still have a long way to go with my blog but this award encourages me to work harder at it. 492 more words


Being a Badass

Me and my ninja man, 2014

I was born to be a badass.

Maybe that sounds arrogant or whatever, but listen to me. This is not me regaling you with tales of awesomeness, it is a story to relate to in whatever way you can. 727 more words